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53 acres Off-Grid Moore Bay Property for Sale

Invest in a peaceful Refugium

This gorgeous shore line property is located on famous Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario Canada. The lake is known for its world class angling, hunting and water sport opportunities. With its 14,000 islands, 405,000 ha surface and more than 105,000 km shoreline it offers fascinating scenery and landscape.

Moore Bay Property is situated on Pipestone Peninsula, 10 miles South and in 20 minutes distance to Kenora. This oasis is accessible by boat, plane or harbour craft in summer and by ice-road in winter.

Kenora Airport is in 15 miles, Winnipeg International Airport is in 125 miles and Minneapolis Airport is in 375 miles distance.

The 53 acres of waterfront Moore Bay Property are a peaceful and quiet oasis of intact environment with a modern Eco Village on 13 acres and 5 subdivided lots of prime development Vacant Land on 34 acres. This is rare unpolluted land, which served before as organic farm with horses and live stock. There are many possibilities, how to develop and to operate this unique resort and piece of beautiful nature.

But the crown jewel is the majestic 5,400 Sq ft Off-Grid Four Season Log Home, a self-sufficient master piece of architecture and high-tech engineering.

This is an Investment in a unique, luxurious Refugium within the peaceful heart of nature.

This neighbours property is for sale, as well. Please ask for more information.


Invest in a peaceful Refugium

53 acres on Lake of the Woods for Sale by Owner

Location Moore Bay Lodge on Pipestone Peninsula on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada, 10 miles South of Kenora and harbour and Kenora Airport, 120 miles East of Winnipeg (International Airport)
Coordinates 49º37'45.10"N
Size of Property 53 acres on 10 lots with over 1900 ft shore line
Access By boat, plane or harbour craft in summer, by car on ice road in winter.
  • Off-Grid Eco Village on 13 acres with 9 cabins (40 beds), all top-renovated and well equipped (turn-key) and main lodge with restaurant or lounge.

  • 5 Vacant Lots on 34 acres from Moore Bay Shore to Andrew Bay Shore

  • Four Season Off-Grid Log Home, 5,400 Sq Ft, on 5.5 acres of beautiful lake front property with private beach, look-out tower, boat-house, boat-lift 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, fire place, sauna. Unique High Tech Solutions from Germany.
Reason for Selling Retirement
Contact Owner Wolf and Eva Opitsch
Phone: (807) 464-1051